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Professional Services for MongoDB.

Consulting | Analytics | App Development

Meeting all your service needs for MongoDB.

igeno has provided consulting services for 17 years. In recent years, we've become huge fans of NoSQL databases and, more specifically MongoDB. We now provide a full range of consulting services centred on the MongoDB platform.

Business Success

We want what you want -- for your business to succeed. We understand that adopting new technologies comes with risk, but we work closely with you to maximize ROI and mitigate risk.


We felt that we needed to be "all in" on a single technology to ensure the highest standard of professional service delivery. We chose MongoDB because we believe that MongoDB themselves are a focused organization that is commited to excellence.

Professional People

We borrowed a hiring practice from Nordstrom which is to look for "nice people" that are professional and customer-focused. Our consultants know that looking after the customer is our higest priority. Of course, we also demand a high degree of technical competence from our people and support that through continuous education and certification.


We understand that balancing the "cost vs. quality" equation is of critical importance to you. We are happy to provide an initial free consultation in order to provide you with honest and accurate estimates that help your budgeting process.


Professional services for data architecture, installation, performance tuning and more...


MongoDB is an excellent platform for a data warehouse to support your analytics needs. We can take you from strategy to deployment.

App Development

Custom apps based on the MongoDB platform. Modern stacks (React/node.js/mongo) on all major cloud providers --- AWS, Azure and Google.

igeno Case Studies

Stories from our customer base

We form long-term relationships with our customers. This allows us to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and to solve both short and long term problems. Our analytical apps represent not only our years of software development but also years of deep insights from our customers that include some of the biggest brands in the industry.

Our People

The igeno Difference

The igeno team is comprised of high performing individuals with backgrounds in computing, engineering, mathematics and business. We care deeply about our customers and the challenges that they face.

How We Work

We view ourselves as an extension of your team and, as such, deeply value team work. From both a business and technology perspective, we want to understand your definition of success and then get you there. Our emphasis on education is one indicator of our commitment to enhancing your team's knowledge, not undermining it.

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