We believe that your management reports are a reflection of you and your management team. Whether presenting these reports internally or to an external Board, it’s critical that the information is accurate, actionable and visually coherent. Our Managed Reporting service is designed to relieve you of the burden of report creation and get you back to making sound business decisions. Our team of highly trained analysts provide the highest level of service — you simply provide the ideas and we’ll turn those ideas into “premium” reports that reflect a professional and forward-thinking management team. All of these services, including the technology, are provided for a single, monthly subscription fee.

Step 1. We extract data from your various information systems and transfer it to a secure, cloud-based data warehouse.

Step 2. We process and transform your data using specialized algorithms. For example, seasonal data can be de-seasonlized to better support your decision making. Other external data sources can also be combined with your data at this point.

Step 3. Finally, we render reports and dashboards using the latest techniques in visual design. Your stakeholders and users receive the highest quality reporting without burdening your staff with hours of spreadsheet and presentation deck work.

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